“You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.”

— Bob Nelson (actor and writer)


S. Campbell,
Brooklyn, NY

Working out was always a challenge to me but since joining Project Shed, it has become easy and most importantly fun! The class has helped me to push myself  beyond my comfort zone, building both strength and stamina. Although Project Shed is a group class, Joanna provides 1:1 attention to her trainees. She applies techniques to all skill levels and knows when to push you to your next level.  Project Shed is a great investment and time spent if you want to live your best healthy life.


L. Roberts,
Brooklyn, NY

I’ve trained with Joanna on and off for the past year and she’s awesome. I find her to be knowledgeable, patient, a great motivator and she makes the experience fun. She’s all about using good form and pushing you beyond what you think you’re capable of. I’ve worked with her individually and in group settings. The group classes are set to give you a good mix of cardio and strength coupled with good music and makes for an excellent workout. The challenge for me has always been the individual session, they are HARD!!! However, it’s always been what I can handle as the expectation is to push yourself. I definitely recommend trying one of her shed workouts, you will thank yourself at the end of class.


A. McDowell,
Brooklyn, NY

When I’m weak,  she keeps me strong, when I’m quitting she reminds me why I started. When I’m slacking she says only for today.  When I’m down she encourages me and when I feel like I’m failing she says we got this, now let’s meal prep. When you find a trainer that is loyal, committed and a realist - You have WON. I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds! Thanks for committing me even when I don’t want to commit to the transformation of a healthy, happier version of myself.


S. Mahapatra,
New York, NY

"Joanna is committed and passionate about training and that shines through. She knows just how much to push to help you achieve your highest workout potential. I look forward to workouts and see progress like I've never seen before! She’s tough but not too tough, and I love our group training sessions because I still feel like I'm getting personal attention while being motivated by a larger group! Sign up and you will not regret it. Working out with Joanna is a game changer."


J. Hewitt,
New York, NY

The tag line is true y’all - Find your fire, go beyond. I am gradually pushed to unlock strength and determination I didn’t even know I had. And I surprise myself when I exceed that. Joanna is the most dedicated trainer I’ve had to date. I feel so encouraged when working out with her - she comes with no judgement! She goes beyond her core responsibilities as a trainer as well, from showing you where to get exercise equipment for the cheap, to recommending resources to help you manage your new healthy lifestyle. Yes, you will find yourself proactively implementing diet and lifestyle changes, it goes beyond just weight loss! Hmmm....Trainer or Lifestyle Coach?! Well I need both and found it at Project SHED.